Viviana Widjaja

Business Development Coach & Consultant

How can I help YOU?

Building your business/career online

If you need help to build your business online, I help you to discover of what you have and what you offer so you can build your business or career online which is aligned and congruent with who you are. In addition, I help you take actions in building or developing your business. 

Knowing thyself and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses are important so you can choose the right activities and build your own path to success for your business or career.

I have created several information products. I can help you in the phase work of Master's program and developing brand me page, thus you can build your product and marketing funnel. Click here to get my free workshop in Product Creation.

General Technical Help

I have been a blogger and I'm using social media online. I'm familiar with Wordpress, building websites and blogs. I can help you if you have problems with Technology. Visit my website and blog,

Although I'm not perfect, my blog received Best Blog Review in 2010, TOP 50 Bloggers in the contest in year 2011 and 2012, and earned the Honourable Up and Coming Blogger in 2012 blog contest.

You can check out my FREE WORKSHOPS with zero credits below my profile. 


I live in Malaysia with my family. I'm a mother of 2 girls and I enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working from home. My background was Engineering, but I didn't like to work in manufacturing industry. Instead, I was fascinated with Internet, social media online, coaching, consulting, personal development and Chinese Astrology and Metaphysics. So, I decided to learn internet marketing since July 2009. Creativity, intuition and analytical skill are my assets. I like to express my creativity in my work and in the work that I did for my clients. I speak with Asian accent, maybe similar to Jacky Chen, so please watch my video about me. I'm comfortable of being myself although I'm not perfect. I am aware of my fear and my limiting belief and I manage them instead of running away. I'm generally a happy and friendly person. I like to watch cartoon movies with my family in my spare time. 

I also collaborate with International team to co-author the books "Living Without Limitations-30 Mentors to Rock Your World" and "Living Without Limitations-30 Stories to Heal Your World" and "BestCoachingTool" 

My areas of expertise: Goal Coaching, Product Creation, Marketing Funnel, Wordpress website and blog with Thrive theme and General Technical Help, YouTube Video Marketing, Creative Video Editing, Branding Intro Video, Image editing, Five Elements Personality Profile Analysis and Power Point Presentation for Webinar/Sales Video.

Get to know more about Viviana and my life, visit my website and blog,

Words for Viviana

I'm pleased to work with people worldwide. Click here to read more about words for Viviana

Jasmin Braun, Singapore:

Viviana has a very nice, friendly personality and comes into the coaching with a friendly and open attitude. She encourages the client to consider new perspectives and ways to move forward. Her coaching style is solution-focused.​ There are some new learnings and insights that I have already made part of my life and they helped me in improving my awareness about certain aspects. I will incorporate a particular action/change into my life which we developed during our last session, which was a great way to end the coaching engagement.

Tara Lee York, Canada:
Viviana is a great listener and very perceptive. She is very knowledgeable about marketing. She is above and beyond to answer my questions. I was able to move forward with my niche in one area that I may not have looked at before. I feel that my life has been blessed and enriched by talking to and spending time with Viviana.

JoanneWaldman, M.ED., PCC, BCC:
Viviana demonstrated excellent coaching skills adhering to the ICF core coaching competencies. She provided a safe, professional, flexible, and supportive coaching presence. In addition, Viviana used active listening, asked powerful questions, and led the clients to effective planning and goal setting. I found Viviana to be a thoughtful, smart and skilled coach, able to help the client shift a perspective or tackle a disempowering belief with ease.  What was most impressive was the fact that Viviana coached so skillfully in her second language!


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Special Promotional Offers:

This coach is not offering any promotional offers at this time.

Coaching Sessions by Topic:

Topic Offer Name Details Schedule Full Session Schedule Free Interview
Marketing FunnelDeveloping Brand Me Page 25 credits
60 min.
This session is only for the students of the school of online business. I'm here to help you develop your brand me page using brand me tool: image, video message, texts and technical help, how to use brand me tool. You can use FREE CREDITS allocated by the school to book the session with me. I look forward to helping you.
Marketing FunnelPhase 1 Master's Program 25 credits
60 min.
This phase is to develop your plan to create your marketing funnel, getting to know yourself and what you have to offer. Build a business or career online which is congruent and aligned with who you are and what you have.
Marketing FunnelPhase 2 Master's Program 25 credits
60 min.
Phase 2 is about research and observation of people who are doing well in your industry. Learn from them so you can find ways to improve and to apply them in your marketing funnel.
Marketing FunnelPhase 3 Master's Program 25 credits
60 min.
In phase 3 Master's program, you will put together your ideas and what you have learned from other people in your industry to develop your marketing funnel for short term. This session is for students of the school of online business.

Consulting Sessions by Topic:

This coach does not offer any consulting topics at this time.

SOOB Workshop Offers:

Generate More Sales With Power Point Presentation 50 The secret of generating more sales is by using power point presentation. Almost everyone can create power point slides. But, do you know how to create power point that SELLS? 1
3 Secrets About Video Marketing0 80% of businesses today are presented in the videos. Do you have any clues of how to use videos as your online marketing strategy? 0
Product Creation0 Are you struggling to create information product? Find out 3 secrets 4 simple steps in product creation in this workshop. 0